We believe in charging simple advisory fees that are transparent and easy for our clients to understand. Our clients pay investment advisory fees directly to us and we do not sell investment products.

Ongoing Fees

Ongoing fees for any assets under our management are debited directly from a client’s investment account according to the following schedule:

1.50% – under $1,000,000
1.25% – $1,000,001 – $2,000,000
1.00% – $2,000,001 – $5,000,000
0.75% – $5,000,001 and up

Fees are debited in advance on a quarterly basis (e.g., 1.5% annual fee would be billed as a 0.375% fee per quarter). There are no penalties or additional fees associated with terminating our services.

Our ongoing fees are inclusive of trading expenses, account fees, other custodial costs, and sales tax (where applicable). Many advisors pass on these costs separately to their clients. However, we feel that this makes it harder for clients to understand how much they are truly paying, so we prefer one transparent fee. Our fee is not inclusive of the cost of mutual funds, ETFs, or other investment products that we recommend. These are fees we simply cannot bundle for our clients (because they are paid to the managing company directly out of the products themselves), but we do believe in using low-cost investment products for our clients.

Hourly Fee

$250 per hour.

Project Fee

Quoted on a project-by-project basis. However, a typical retirement projection would cost $2,500.

Insurance Disclaimer

Conscious Capital, Inc. provides fee-based investment advisory services. We do not sell investment products. However, Derek Tharp owns a separate insurance agency (Tharp Insurance Solutions, LLC), which may receive commissions on insurance or annuity products sold. Clients of Conscious Capital, Inc. are not required to engage Tharp Insurance Solutions, LLC in any insurance or annuity business. In the event that a client of Conscious Capital, Inc. would like to purchase insurance or annuity products through Tharp Insurance Solutions, LLC, further disclosure of any commission compensation will be provided.

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