We work with clients in a number of ways.

Ongoing Services

For most clients, we believe ongoing services provide the best path to financial success. We meet with our ongoing clients at least annually, but we are always happy to meet more frequently if clients want or need to meet more frequently. Our clients are encouraged to reach out whenever a financial question arises; no matter how big or how small.

For a retiree going through many transitions, this may mean meeting monthly or even more frequently to get organized for the next stage of life. For a busy couple in their accumulating years that has not had any major life changes, an annual meeting to review investment performance and check-in on other financial matters may be sufficient. Ultimately, meeting frequency is driven by our clients’ needs, but we are always standing by “on call” to address our ongoing clients’ needs as they arise.

Topics covered for ongoing clients include (but are not limited to):

  • Investment management
  • Tax planning
  • Accumulation for retirement
  • Generating sustainable income in retirement
  • Risk management and insurance
  • Estate planning

Ongoing services are billed based on a percentage of the assets that we manage for our clients. Ongoing fees are generally debited directly from a client’s investment accounts. Read more about our fees here.

Hourly Consultation

As time permits, we do assist clients on an hourly basis. Hourly consultations are best for questions that are smaller in scope (e.g., questions about whether contributing to tax-free or tax-deferred account would better fit your needs). These consultations would not require prep work or analysis on our part, and instead would simply be an opportunity to sit down and talk through your financial questions.

One-half of the estimated hourly fee is due up front and the remaining half of the hourly fee is due upon completion of a consultation.

Project Work

As time permits, we also assist clients on a project basis. Project-based work is different from hourly work in that it generally does require significant analysis on our part to determine a recommendation (e.g., a retirement preparedness analysis). We quote these projects on a flat fee basis so that our clients have no uncertainty regarding the cost of completing a project.

One-half of a project fee is due up front and the remaining half of the project fee is due upon completion.

If you are unsure whether an hourly consultation or project-based work would be a better fit for your situation, please feel free to reach out and we can let you know which arrangement we would suggest.

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